Why SERVPRO Photo Gallery

Damage to a local business

Local Business Discovers Mold

SERVPRO of Visalia was called to an Exeter business where they discovered mold. Once we arrived we remediated all the mold so that they business could reopen.

Discovery of mold underneath kitchen tile in local home

Mold Found Under Bathroom Tile

When you discover mold call SERVPRO of Visalia. Our highly trained and certified technicians will come to remediate the mold. Call SERVPRO of Visalia for your mold needs. 55-635-4292

Biohazard chemical spill in office

Biohazard in Porterville Business

SERVPRO of Visalia was called to a business in Porterville, CA for a chemical spill. Our highly trained technicians responded in full PPE and cleaned up the hazardous chemical.

Call SERVPRO of Visalia 559-635-4292

Why Servpro

Mold Found in Southeast Visalia Home

After discovering severe mold growth in a local home, our SERVPRO of Visalia team was called to action immediately. Our team quickly responded to the call and got start to work once they arrived on scene. Our crew used PPE, anti-microbials, contained the effected area and blocked it off so it would not spread to other areas of the house.

If you discover mold in your home, give our SERVPRO team a call.

Why Servpro

Thanks to Our Employees

At SERVPRO of Visalia, we want each and every employee to feel valued and appreciated. So, we created an Employee KUDOS wall displayed in our warehouse! This board allows anyone to write something nice about a fellow coworker to show appreciation or highlight a job-well done! We think it is very important, especially in a large company, to make sure we lift up our employees and make sure they are acknowledged for their hard work, and also to let them know they are valued.

Why Servpro

Visalia Basement Flood

We all know that accidents happen, and we totally understand! This home had their washer and dryer in their basement, and one day the washer overflowed overnight and the family woke up to 3 inches of standing water. The family gave SERVPRO a call and we were there in less than 30 minutes!

Why Servpro

Containment Barriers

SERVPRO of Visalia has highly trained technicians with the right equipment for the job that you need to be done. If you have a mold job and its only affected in one area, our crew will seal off the affected area so the mold spores will not travel to any other room and affect more rooms.

The professionals here at SERVPRO of Visalia are on-call 24 hours a day to help.